We tend to get a little crazy on Friday’s. 😜😝😎 #kaleryan #hegotitfromhismama
Like the bakes from the Costco food court. Only I made this from scratch. 😊👌 #homemade #yesplease
Taaaa daaaaa! 💁 @3rdnut
It’s happening! 😁👍🙈💆💇 #choppinthatmop #abouttimedude @3rdnut
The kitchen is thrashed! But he made it out alive with this! Thanks baby! 😘😂 @ryanschaefer27
I’m hoping some homemade soup will help my little guy feel better! 😔
How is it possible? Out of all the little boys, I got the best one? #kaleryan 😍❤️
After months of entering in Kat Country’s weekday lunch giveaway, we finally won! Thanks, Peg! @theresemarie02
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